I’ve always planned projects and businesses ever since I was a kid. My first was an elaborate design of a childcare centre, and I told my sister she could come work for me. Always the boss…

And ever since we got our first computer, I started making websites and business cards and brochures, playing business. I had a particular love for filling in forms! Weird, I know.

But then I became a teacher instead of an entrepreneur.

No one told me I was really allowed to pursue what I really wanted – probably because they too, like me, had bought into the idea that you just have to grow up one day. Because they too, like me, didn’t even realise it was possible to choose something different.

Teaching was the closest I knew how to get to being a leader and influencer of others like I deep down really wanted, but didn’t know how to become. Yet.

And then I became a mother. I was glad for the excuse to quit teaching, as I’d wanted out pretty much since I’d started.

In fact, I already was mostly out the door, having worked as a pastoral care worker/counsellor at the school instead for a year, trying to find more expression for the other parts of me. But that was another fast road to burnout that I wasn’t willing to settle for.

I quickly realised, however, that stay at home mum wasn’t what I wanted either.

What I wanted was the dreams I’d started life with as a kid. And to build a life of freedom and expansion, not settling for the expectations of others.

And when I thought about what I wanted my daughter to know is possible, I realised I had to give myself permission to do that first.

And so I began writing and designing, creating, renewing the things I’d always done. And as I stepped out and took risks, I learned to really believe in myself & trust my intuition. I always had to an extent, but now I had new vision to see beyond the limitations too many of us are bound by.

To create my own life, on my terms.

I’m a bit of an anarchist and a rebel, and a nomad. Even with child in tow and another one on the way – it just makes me even more certain there is not another minute to waste living someone else’s idea of life. It all goes too fast.

And this led me to mentoring others to do the same – especially women & mothers, to not be trapped by circumstance or have their dreams pushed to the side. No matter what anyone else thinks!