Hidden Bay Series

Ghost House (Book Two)

Melodie knew there was something weird about the pictures on the walls. But she didn’t expect to find her wayward aunt’s ghost hiding in them — that woman has a lot to answer for.  And quickly. The storm might have passed, but now her mum is acting strangely, Blake is going missing and things are going bump in the night.  When a dark presence threatens her life, Melodie thinks she knows who it is — someone she thought she’d never have to deal with ever again.  Little does she know, that’s the least of her problems.

Ghost Storm (Book One)

How can a place she’s never been before feel so much like home? Hidden Bay is no ordinary town. And Melodie may not be an ordinary girl.

As soon as she arrives, strange things begin to happen. There’s Blake, the guy who’s so familiar, though she’s sure she’s never met him; there’s the man who keeps appearing, who may not be a man at all; and there’s the blackouts.

Except that in the blackness, she’s going somewhere. Somewhere other. Somewhere dark, and wet, and full of pain.

And if she doesn’t work out what it all means soon, it could be too late. For her. For Blake. Perhaps for the whole town of Hidden Bay.





White City

“The war is over.”

That’s the whisper rustling around camp, like tree leaves stirring in the lightest breeze. A whisper of hope.

But up until now, we’ve always known hope is dangerous. It will just crush you, body, mind and soul.

 A girl called Mouse discovers a power in the forest, a music in her veins, that speaks of hope she never dared imagine.

Until now.

Because there is nothing left to live for if the rumours aren’t true. But no one will listen to her, a frightened, mousey girl. So she will risk everything — her own life, even the lives of her friends — to find proof to bring it back and liberate her people.

But the truth she finds is far more than she expected. The lines of good and evil are not so clearly drawn. Even in herself.

Friends betray her, enemies become allies. And the refuge she seeks in White City might just be the most dangerous thing of all.

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Crossing Paths

It was foolish. Taking off her engagement ring for just one night. It wasn’t meant to become anything.

But now even when she moves across the state to start her new job, and even if she wanted to get Ethan out of her mind – fate has other plans.

Maybe he was just what she needed to wake her up. Maybe this is the beginning of her new life.

Or maybe this is the beginning of everything falling apart.

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